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What is Deviant Events?

Deviant Events is a lifestyle social club based in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina for couples and single females only. Our events are designed to help you meet other people in the Lifestyle in a pressure-free Environment.

What type of events do you host?


We mostly host social events.  These events are held at a private bar in downtown Raleigh and are designed to allow like minded people to meet and socialize in a fun and intimate setting. Our venue features a full bar, DJ, dance floor, security, and a large outdoor patio- all 100% PRIVATE for our group.


we also Occasionally in the summer we do host pool parties at a on-premise lifestyle club located in Raleigh.


What can i expect at your events?

Many that come for the first time to a lifestyle event have no idea what to expect.  When you attend a deviant event, you will quickly find that it is a safe, pressure-free yet fun environment. flirting and dancing is encouraged but no sexual activity is permitted at our socials (Different rules apply for on-premise events).  we help you make the connections but anything more happens at your pace and at your place.


Who attends your events?

we generally have between 40-60 couples and a few single females at each event (Sorry no single guys allowed). Age ranges usually spread from 25-50 years old. These events are great for those that are new or curious about the lifestyle as well as for those that are experienced in the lifestyle.




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