Where will this event be held?

Location information is given upon confirmation of reservation.  However, we can tell you the location is in downtown Raleigh, specifically on Fayetteville St and is NOT at our usual spot.  There is a small dance area but this space is setup more for conversations and connections.

Will this be in a private area?

Yes. The area is completely private.  However, you do have to enter the public area of this venue to get to our private room.

What is the dress code?

Going out/club/sexy attire is recommended

Can I invite guests?

Yes.  However, since space is strictly limited to 50 guest, we do ask that you check with us first to make sure we have room.   We do need each couple/guest to register so we can keep track of the number of attendees.  We will update daily the number of guest spots remaining.

Why do I have to pay online and not at the door?


Because frankly we want to party more and not be stuck working the door. :)

How do I see who is going?


There is no published guest list, however after registering you have the option to leave a comment to let others know you are attending.  You can also access this page by clicking here.

How do I get confirmed and pay?


After submitting the registration information, we will reply with information on how to pay the cover and confirm your spot on the guest list.  Payments will be accepted via Paypal, Venmo, and the Cash app.

What if I pay and later on find out I can't make it?


Just let us know at least 48 hours before the event and we will gladly refund your money.